Music to me


When asked “what do I love more than anything?” Usually one of the first things people say is music, which is correct. 

I’m currently laying in bed, under the covers, with my headphones on and James Bay’s Scars is playing and it’s the second run through of the song. I’ve listened to this song many times. It’s one of my favorites of his songs, but tonight, I closed my eyes and it was like listening to it for the first time. Like I’ve grown to really understand the song, to really hear it and listen to his words. 

Have you ever grown into a song? 

Do you really listen to the music? 

I love that music allows you to escape. For 3 or 4 minutes you press play and lose yourself. You let a song become a part of you, to run into your veins. Your brain tries to decipher all of the emotions going through you at once and your heart is never the same again, all because of that one song. 

Music is and always be apart of me.

Thousands of songs tell my story of who I am. 

I am forever changed by those songs and the lyrics that run forever in my veins. 




“I got issues, you got them too” 

Alrighty folks, sense my last post was about “insecurities” this post is about “quirks” 

Let’s see…….where to begin…..oh, I know. 

My dog comes first above……most things…haha, and heads up, if he doesn’t like you then odds are I probably won’t/don’t.

I laugh, A LOT, especially if I’m nervous or in an awkward situation, I try to make jokes during serious moments. 

I’m not patriotic, political, or really religious….I feel more connected to the Earth than anything else. Fun fact, I do my best thinking in, near, or around water. 

I’m a carnivore who’s against animal cruelty (of any shape or form) 

I’m an old soul who loves music, fashion, and books. In that order. 

I have a fear of loud noises, above any other fears… legit fear. I panic and plan my escape route haha 

Smoking disgusts me, if you smoke then chances are I won’t be around you. 

I LOVE candles! Favorites include: vanilla, cupcake, maple, cotton candy, lavender, chia latte. 

I’m SUPER organized, I like order. 

I like having control…..

I’m impatient, opinionated, inquisitive, stubborn, at time  indecisive, I love surprises but will hound you to death about it. 

I suck at lying, which I’m ok with because I hate secrets. 

I’m super close with my family (parents and siblings) 

This is beginning to sound like a dating application hahahaha all interested bachelors please comment below….haha

I love baking, don’t cook.

I’m not sure if I’m marriage material, I like my space and am not very “touchy feely” lol  I’d probably decide to have kids before I decide to get married haha

So yeah, “I got issues” 😉 

Take it or leave it 


AScars to your Beautiful

It’s time for some real talk. 

I am fair skinned, with freckles, moles, birthmarks, stretch marks, scars, bruises, tattoos and piercings. My arms aren’t the skinniest and I do not have a flat stomach. I might not be pretty or hot like my sister and mom and may forever be stuck as “cute”. I have next to no boobs and a big ass. My feet are definitely not dainty and my hands are small. I have poofy curly Irish hair. My teeth are not white. I have acne and a round face. I can’t contour my face. I have thick eyebrows and Schmidt-fracarro syndrome with some characteristics of Duane syndrome… my pupils are not round and my eyes are small. I am a virgin…..I have a southern accent and at times my twang comes out…hahaha. I can sing even though I may not have the best voice. I don’t like my handwriting. I suck at tests because, due to my syndrome I can’t retain information like most people can (and yes that is factual information). I can be overly sensitive and bitchy. I’m guarded and anxious. I hate drama and conflict. I’m unsubmissive, sassy and goofy. I suck at not smiling lol. 

I am flawed and imperfect. 

I am not defined by any of the traits listed above. 

I think my syndrome is what makes me extra unique

And to be honest my ass is one of my best features 😉 

I’ve made mistakes in my life. 

But I am happy and proud with who I am and will NOT let someone else’s choice of words about me define ME. 

No I am not a retard because I have a genetic syndrome…….btw I FUCKING HATE THAT WORD. 

I am not weak because I am sensitive. 

I am not fat, I am curvy and proud of it. Thank you very much. 

What makes me different and things that make me even more different than other people helps me have a better compassion, understanding, and acceptance for other people who are extra unique. 

Positivity creates positivity. #quotesbyjo 

Yes, I’m making that a thing now haha #quotesbyjo 

“A dark world aches for a splash of the sun” 

I strive to be the sun in this dark world. 

If someone can’t read this and accept me, then it’s your loss. 

I’m a great friend to have, just ask my friends 😉 

Never let someone else define who you are. 

“I’m perfectly incomplete” -Jessie J

And my scars and flaws make me who I am. 

I hope all you jotaters have a lovely night. 



“Little town, it’s a quiet village. Everyday like the one before. Little town, full of little people…..” 

This just about sums up Ellijay. 

Know what’s sad in my opinion? 

My relatives showing me pictures of them in town and what the town used to look like “back in the day”. Instead of saying “wow, look how things have changed!” I think “wow, you’ve literally watched time pass you by, in the same town, with the same people. 

I don’t belong in a small town full of small minded people, being a “big fish in a small pond” I belong in an ocean full of big fish like me. 

In words of Little Mix “spread your wings my little butterfly”…….I’ve always liked that lyric 🙂 

However moving back here has taught me something very important! You can’t live your life in yesterdays, instead you need to live in today and dream of tomorrows. Quote me on that #quotesbyjo 😉 

No more going backwards, no matter how much I may want to sometimes……this hatchling will only learn to swim if I just keep swimming into the great big ocean, tackling each wave as they come. 

I don’t want to watch time pass me by, like Belle “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” -Beauty and The Beast 

To not be afraid to be who I am…..though let’s be honest, I never am afraid 😉 but I need people who’ll accept me, other butterflies who are spreading their wings to fly. 

Well, that’s it……..

Today’s rambling is complete. 

Hope I’ve inspired someone 


Goodbye Vampire Diaries 


Lots of tears!

The Vampire Diaries has been with me through high school, college, and life after college.

Julie Plec thank you for making a heartbreaking, romantic, mysterious, at times confusing, and overall AMAZING show! 

There was love, vampires, humans, doppelgängers, werewolves, hybrids, originals, hunters, witches, siphons, the devil…….. and Matt Donovan 😉 

I grew up along with the show, I watched true friendship, true love, death, rebirth, marriage, birth, and happily ever after. 

I enjoyed the numerous love triangles: Stefan, Catherine, and Damon. Stefan, Elena, and Damon. Caroline, Matt, and Tyler. Caroline, Tyler and Klaus. Caroline, Stefan, and Alaric…….is that it? Did I miss any?? 

Tonight’s series finale was truly heartbreaking, yet gratifying. 

But no matter what the show and it’s music will be apart of me. 



It Was A Sh** Show

I know what you’re thinking…..

How could you see that title and not read this post?? 

And that is right! 

How. Could. You. Not. Read. This. 


So I’ve recently binge watched this HILARIOUS show called Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and oh my god, this show spoke to me on more levels than one! 

Awesome writing and AMAZING acting! 

I’m talking to you Rachel Bloom and Santino Fontana (aka Hans from Frozen) 😉 

I related to Greg in SO MANY WAYS! 

But this one particular episode that I’m referring to is where Greg (Santino) says his goodbye to West Covina and goodbye to Rebecca (Rachel Bloom). 

I was in LITERAL tears, it was heartbreaking, Greg singing to Rebecca, watching Rachel act without even speaking, just reacting to Greg’s song and seeing the emotion all over Santino’s face, the tears welling up in his eyes……😩 ughhhhh 


Why you gotta leave Santino??

Will you come back? 


I’d just like to say Santino, if you haven’t realized already, I’m a huge fan of you! Your talent and voice are HEART MELTING! 

My heart is definitely not Frozen 😉 

And if you haven’t seen the show yet, I’m talking to you Ashlee…., you NEED TO! 

This concludes today’s blog post 



This tune has been stuck in my head for a few days now, which thinking about it… makes sense with what’s been going on.

Making life choices is stressful.

Option 1: BS in Environmental Studies

Option 2: BA in Business

Both in SC

Columbia or Beaufort

Turtles or owning a bakery

Or both

I got turtleman’s wise words on the situation and as always he helped me investigate and weigh my options, but ultimately told me do what makes me happy.

And Peaches said whatever I choose she backs me up 100%

Then my mom said “ok, to make things simple, close your eyes. Where are you? Where is Jordan in let’s see……5 years from now?”

My answer of course “I don’t know!”

My main life objective is and has always been to make a difference, to able to leave this life knowing I’ve done good in the world.

Sounds simple right? Haha

Currently applying for an internship seems to be all I’m capable of doing……that and finding out my ex’s gf was never pregnant…….


Let that last comment sink in.

Let. It. Sink. In.

Dumb ass……him, not you

Well, what would you do?

If you were me?