Candy Girl (Sugar) 

At some point in my life, I hope a guy looks at me the way Jughead looks at Betty. 

Yes, I just finished binge watching Riverdale……..


I totally ship Bughead! 

Throughout the show I felt these two characters could only be their true selves….even if their true self is dark sometimes…..with each other. 

Just the way Jughead looks at Betty is swoonworthy. 

FYI if you didn’t love Cole Sprouse before (how could you not) then you will definitely love him in Riverdale.

I honestly haven’t seen that depth of chemistry on tv in awhile. You could see sparks just from a simple touch, which is amazing to me. That’s what true love is, sparking at the smallest thing. 

I think this song, in it’s true Archie’s fashion is a great song for this couple…..and this show 




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