I Say A Little Prayer For You

1. You! Yes you! Must watch My Best Friend’s Wedding at some point in your life! 

Ok, had to get that out of the way……

And you better do it you little turds!

Jk. You’re not turds

Unless you are 

Then you are most definitely turds

Ooooooookay moving on……

The song is a very “find your happy place” song for me.

When I’m feeling overwhelmed or too in my head, I just close my eyes and start singing this song, whether it’s my singing it on stage in my womanbrain (Crazy Ex Girlfriend reference) or it’s singing it outloud…..usually to Hurls haha

And if you’ve watched Glee then you know it’s difficult to sing/listen to this song and not do the “unholy trinity” dance…..

It is, very difficult

It’s just a great feel good song 

You can dance, clap, snap, jazzercise….whateva 

And as I’m typing this and having a hard time falling asleep, it’s helping to put my mind at ease and make me sleepy.

So on that note imma hit the hay.

With Aretha singing me to sleep


What’re your zen songs??



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