Music to me


When asked “what do I love more than anything?” Usually one of the first things people say is music, which is correct. 

I’m currently laying in bed, under the covers, with my headphones on and James Bay’s Scars is playing and it’s the second run through of the song. I’ve listened to this song many times. It’s one of my favorites of his songs, but tonight, I closed my eyes and it was like listening to it for the first time. Like I’ve grown to really understand the song, to really hear it and listen to his words. 

Have you ever grown into a song? 

Do you really listen to the music? 

I love that music allows you to escape. For 3 or 4 minutes you press play and lose yourself. You let a song become a part of you, to run into your veins. Your brain tries to decipher all of the emotions going through you at once and your heart is never the same again, all because of that one song. 

Music is and always be apart of me.

Thousands of songs tell my story of who I am. 

I am forever changed by those songs and the lyrics that run forever in my veins. 



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