“I got issues, you got them too” 

Alrighty folks, sense my last post was about “insecurities” this post is about “quirks” 

Let’s see…….where to begin…..oh, I know. 

My dog comes first above……most things…haha, and heads up, if he doesn’t like you then odds are I probably won’t/don’t.

I laugh, A LOT, especially if I’m nervous or in an awkward situation, I try to make jokes during serious moments. 

I’m not patriotic, political, or really religious….I feel more connected to the Earth than anything else. Fun fact, I do my best thinking in, near, or around water. 

I’m a carnivore who’s against animal cruelty (of any shape or form) 

I’m an old soul who loves music, fashion, and books. In that order. 

I have a fear of loud noises, above any other fears… legit fear. I panic and plan my escape route haha 

Smoking disgusts me, if you smoke then chances are I won’t be around you. 

I LOVE candles! Favorites include: vanilla, cupcake, maple, cotton candy, lavender, chia latte. 

I’m SUPER organized, I like order. 

I like having control…..

I’m impatient, opinionated, inquisitive, stubborn, at time  indecisive, I love surprises but will hound you to death about it. 

I suck at lying, which I’m ok with because I hate secrets. 

I’m super close with my family (parents and siblings) 

This is beginning to sound like a dating application hahahaha all interested bachelors please comment below….haha

I love baking, don’t cook.

I’m not sure if I’m marriage material, I like my space and am not very “touchy feely” lol  I’d probably decide to have kids before I decide to get married haha

So yeah, “I got issues” 😉 

Take it or leave it 



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