AScars to your Beautiful

It’s time for some real talk. 

I am fair skinned, with freckles, moles, birthmarks, stretch marks, scars, bruises, tattoos and piercings. My arms aren’t the skinniest and I do not have a flat stomach. I might not be pretty or hot like my sister and mom and may forever be stuck as “cute”. I have next to no boobs and a big ass. My feet are definitely not dainty and my hands are small. I have poofy curly Irish hair. My teeth are not white. I have acne and a round face. I can’t contour my face. I have thick eyebrows and Schmidt-fracarro syndrome with some characteristics of Duane syndrome… my pupils are not round and my eyes are small. I am a virgin…..I have a southern accent and at times my twang comes out…hahaha. I can sing even though I may not have the best voice. I don’t like my handwriting. I suck at tests because, due to my syndrome I can’t retain information like most people can (and yes that is factual information). I can be overly sensitive and bitchy. I’m guarded and anxious. I hate drama and conflict. I’m unsubmissive, sassy and goofy. I suck at not smiling lol. 

I am flawed and imperfect. 

I am not defined by any of the traits listed above. 

I think my syndrome is what makes me extra unique

And to be honest my ass is one of my best features 😉 

I’ve made mistakes in my life. 

But I am happy and proud with who I am and will NOT let someone else’s choice of words about me define ME. 

No I am not a retard because I have a genetic syndrome…….btw I FUCKING HATE THAT WORD. 

I am not weak because I am sensitive. 

I am not fat, I am curvy and proud of it. Thank you very much. 

What makes me different and things that make me even more different than other people helps me have a better compassion, understanding, and acceptance for other people who are extra unique. 

Positivity creates positivity. #quotesbyjo 

Yes, I’m making that a thing now haha #quotesbyjo 

“A dark world aches for a splash of the sun” 

I strive to be the sun in this dark world. 

If someone can’t read this and accept me, then it’s your loss. 

I’m a great friend to have, just ask my friends 😉 

Never let someone else define who you are. 

“I’m perfectly incomplete” -Jessie J

And my scars and flaws make me who I am. 

I hope all you jotaters have a lovely night. 



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