“Little town, it’s a quiet village. Everyday like the one before. Little town, full of little people…..” 

This just about sums up Ellijay. 

Know what’s sad in my opinion? 

My relatives showing me pictures of them in town and what the town used to look like “back in the day”. Instead of saying “wow, look how things have changed!” I think “wow, you’ve literally watched time pass you by, in the same town, with the same people. 

I don’t belong in a small town full of small minded people, being a “big fish in a small pond” I belong in an ocean full of big fish like me. 

In words of Little Mix “spread your wings my little butterfly”…….I’ve always liked that lyric 🙂 

However moving back here has taught me something very important! You can’t live your life in yesterdays, instead you need to live in today and dream of tomorrows. Quote me on that #quotesbyjo 😉 

No more going backwards, no matter how much I may want to sometimes……this hatchling will only learn to swim if I just keep swimming into the great big ocean, tackling each wave as they come. 

I don’t want to watch time pass me by, like Belle “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” -Beauty and The Beast 

To not be afraid to be who I am…..though let’s be honest, I never am afraid 😉 but I need people who’ll accept me, other butterflies who are spreading their wings to fly. 

Well, that’s it……..

Today’s rambling is complete. 

Hope I’ve inspired someone 



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