Goodbye Vampire Diaries 


Lots of tears!

The Vampire Diaries has been with me through high school, college, and life after college.

Julie Plec thank you for making a heartbreaking, romantic, mysterious, at times confusing, and overall AMAZING show! 

There was love, vampires, humans, doppelgängers, werewolves, hybrids, originals, hunters, witches, siphons, the devil…….. and Matt Donovan 😉 

I grew up along with the show, I watched true friendship, true love, death, rebirth, marriage, birth, and happily ever after. 

I enjoyed the numerous love triangles: Stefan, Catherine, and Damon. Stefan, Elena, and Damon. Caroline, Matt, and Tyler. Caroline, Tyler and Klaus. Caroline, Stefan, and Alaric…….is that it? Did I miss any?? 

Tonight’s series finale was truly heartbreaking, yet gratifying. 

But no matter what the show and it’s music will be apart of me. 




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