It Was A Sh** Show

I know what you’re thinking…..

How could you see that title and not read this post?? 

And that is right! 

How. Could. You. Not. Read. This. 


So I’ve recently binge watched this HILARIOUS show called Crazy Ex Girlfriend, and oh my god, this show spoke to me on more levels than one! 

Awesome writing and AMAZING acting! 

I’m talking to you Rachel Bloom and Santino Fontana (aka Hans from Frozen) 😉 

I related to Greg in SO MANY WAYS! 

But this one particular episode that I’m referring to is where Greg (Santino) says his goodbye to West Covina and goodbye to Rebecca (Rachel Bloom). 

I was in LITERAL tears, it was heartbreaking, Greg singing to Rebecca, watching Rachel act without even speaking, just reacting to Greg’s song and seeing the emotion all over Santino’s face, the tears welling up in his eyes……😩 ughhhhh 


Why you gotta leave Santino??

Will you come back? 


I’d just like to say Santino, if you haven’t realized already, I’m a huge fan of you! Your talent and voice are HEART MELTING! 

My heart is definitely not Frozen 😉 

And if you haven’t seen the show yet, I’m talking to you Ashlee…., you NEED TO! 

This concludes today’s blog post 



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