This tune has been stuck in my head for a few days now, which thinking about it… makes sense with what’s been going on.

Making life choices is stressful.

Option 1: BS in Environmental Studies

Option 2: BA in Business

Both in SC

Columbia or Beaufort

Turtles or owning a bakery

Or both

I got turtleman’s wise words on the situation and as always he helped me investigate and weigh my options, but ultimately told me do what makes me happy.

And Peaches said whatever I choose she backs me up 100%

Then my mom said “ok, to make things simple, close your eyes. Where are you? Where is Jordan in let’s see……5 years from now?”

My answer of course “I don’t know!”

My main life objective is and has always been to make a difference, to able to leave this life knowing I’ve done good in the world.

Sounds simple right? Haha

Currently applying for an internship seems to be all I’m capable of doing……that and finding out my ex’s gf was never pregnant…….


Let that last comment sink in.

Let. It. Sink. In.

Dumb ass……him, not you

Well, what would you do?

If you were me?



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