I Lived 

Another year’s come and gone…….happy 2017! 

2016 was one of the BEST, most gratifying, heartbreaking, emotional year yet. 

Let’s begin…..

1. I got my Associates Degree (1st person in my family to have a college degree!!) 

2. I got my boy! My Hurley! He definitely came at the right time, just when I needed him and my life would nodoubtably be boring without him

3. We moved back to GA and I learned what I considered “home” for SO LONG, isn’t home for me anymore 

4. Got deemed a Naturalist by Mr.Naturalist himself =) 

5. Celebrated 13 years of friendship with my person, my peaches ❤ 

6. I tested the dating waters again and found a tsunami (boy bye) 

And last, but certainly not least….. 

7. Just like every year, I’m discovering myself and finding who I am and this year I feel I’ve grown a lot and found my passions. 

Thank you to all my people! For loving, accepting,encouraging, believing, putting up with, and just being there for me! I love you all and wouldn’t be who I am without you! 💜💜💜💜💜💜

So Happy New Year to all! 

Bring it on 2017! 

Ps Happy Birthday Dad!! 



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