Shout Out to My Ex

Disregard my previous post about being numb about a Dick

Know what Dicky, or should I say “Dicky”?

Fuck you!

Man that feels good to say!

I’m gonna say it again

You ready?

Everyone all together now……


You can have your baby mama and baby and happy little family, quite frankly I don’t give a shit. I hope you’re (YOU’RE NOT YOUR 🙄) all very happy together, you deserve one another.

I on the other hand deserve someone who knows the difference between You’re, Your, There, They’re, Their, To, and Too…..dumbass

I also deserve someone has a brain, heart, and the common sense that god gave him.

So this is my shout out to you Dick, the whole world can now know the lying, stupid, dumb, coward, jackass that you are!

Dishonor on you!

Dishonor on your cow 😉

Dishonor on your holy fucking animal kingdom!!

Boy bye!




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