Leave the Pieces 

Well, this week has SUCKED!! 

Specifically this weekend, alcohol has been my friend this weekend. 

So mr.makesmesmile…….he’s gone…..

He’s gone to be a dad, Jesus…no matter how many times I say it it still sounds unfathomable. 

I had to “bolt” (inside thing) because he’s told me how he wants a family and to be a dad and now  he gets to…….so where does that leave me?? 


That’s where it leaves me 

Totally and completely numb 

And the only person I want to talk to about it with is the one person I can’t talk to. 


Really life??? 

You just had to run me over with a bulldozer???

The worst part is we still both have strong feelings for one another, how do you deal with that? Seriously, anyone who knows please tell me. 

It all feels like a bad dream. 

The situation has ironically invaded my dreams…..so I can’t escape it

Music, alcohol, and cookies are my only comfort at the moment 

Help may be needed soon….. 



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