I’m Not Good

So………there’s this guy…..

Don’t you just love sentences that start with that? 

I do 🙂 

He is……different, a very good kind of different! 

And we’re getting very close, but as you all know, I’m not one who’s good at expressing their feelings…..except for on here…..I have layers of walls built up (walls which is slowly taking down) and when things get too real I usually bolt. :/ 

But here’s the thing, I don’t want to bolt…unless he bolts with me 

🙈ugh I’m not this person, the heart on my sleeve, romantic, feelings person 


This song, by the amazingly talented Julia Nunes (LOVE HER), sums up all my feelings. 

The lyrics express everything I want to say, but suck at. 


God (if there is a god) help me 😉 

And since I can’t find her singing the song on YouTube I found a cover…..it’s aight 



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