You Oughta Know 

PSA: I am HIGHLY disappointed at the male species of today. 

If a woman is sexually active she’s considered a slut, if she’s a virgin she’s considered a prude. 

I would like to say to the dumbass, deceiving, arrogant assholes out there that I’m sorry that I’m not a one night stand hit it and quit it booty call. I actually think I deserve a real meaningful relationship, pardon me for feeling that way. 

Yes, I’m a virgin, and no it’s not because I’m waiting for marriage….but if it was then that’s my prerogative. It’s because I chose to focus on school and goals I have, rather than get distracted and have something happen that I wasn’t prepared for.  

But I still think I’m worth more than my sexual activity status…….that’s all I’m saying. 

So for the guys that have lost interest because I won’t “give it up” or have tricked me into thinking they care but if I were to have sex with them they’d be gone…….go fuck yourself. 

And for the legit good guys that are left in this world, you have the assholes to thank for my walls. 



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