Give Up The Funk 

When life gets you stressed, what do you do? 



No one’s gonna answer? 

Losers ;p 

You give up the funk! 

Puppies, school, internships, adulting, life…….it can get a little crazayyyyy, you just got “scream and shout and let it all out” haha thanks B Spears 😉 

So I didn’t get the internship…..who cares? 

Not me 

Ok, maybe a little……you caught me

But does life go on??


It does not 

Just kidding

Geez lighten up people 

It does go on. 

They just couldn’t handle all of my totally amazing awesomeness……I mean let’s be real here. 

I’m still keepin on keepin on. 

Struggle busing another day. 

But………..I give up the funk! 

When in doubt, all you gotta do is dance it out. 

So if you’re down in the dumps…..hopefully not the real dumps……if so, that’syour prerogative……just dance, dance out all your frustrations, emotions, let it go. 



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