In My Life 

So, I’ve put off doing this for as long as I could, but the time has come.

WARNING: feels may occur.

Graduation day is Wednesday and it’s taken A LOT to FINALLY get here and I’m super excited!

There’s someone who deserves recognition for helping me get here.

I know I’ve already talked to you in person………but we both know I suck at conversing about serious things 😉

PR (turtle man) ,though I said it already, THANK YOU!

Thank you for teaching, inspiring, encouraging, supporting, pushing, understanding, tolerating, and caring for me. Annnnnnd being proud of me (even if don’t get my name on a plaque)!

You’re what every educator should aspire to be like.

You’ve helped my love of turtles grow, even wrote a reccomendation letter for me so I could have the opportunity to work with them (still dying to know what that said). You’ve introduced me to new music (especially Billy Bragg and Julia Nunes). You’ve put up with my many many many questions (sorry for the annoyance) and you’ve ALWAYS had my back.

When I was at my giving up point and forgot I had potential, you helped me find it and got me out of the shell I had retreated to 🐢 pun intended. All I needed was for someone else to see in me what I had been trying so hard to get other people to see and to believe in me, which you did.

Ha you were even a good sport during all the pranks you had to put up with (oh the memories) though the last one backfired on me.

More than teaching me, you became a friend and the big brother I never had 😜 love ya dude

I hope to become half the person you are someday and inspire someone who needs inspiring. And to see the “light bulb go off”

I don’t know how you’re going to survive USCS without me, I know you’re devastated about it, but never fear I’ll have Peaches say hi for me. Haha.

I think what I’ll miss the most are your sleep deprived hyped up random singing moments hahaha which are priceless!………dork

IN CONCLUSION…’re awesome and deserve every amount of props for that. Because awesome people need to be told they’re awesome and that what they’re doing matters……PR you’re awesome and what you’re doing matters, don’t ever forget that.

Remember to bring tissues to graduation, you’re gonna need them :p



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