………Yes, I actually really like this song. 

Me and my friends were obsessed with it junior year of high school, so much so that we made it out ringtones. So, funny story, one day I’m out shopping and I go into a clothing store……which by the way was very small, and all of a sudden my phone starts going off, “it’s the remix to ignition, hot and fresh out the kitchen……” you get the idea, and this guy in front of me just turns around and looks at me and just laughs. Hahaha he wasn’t expecting that song from my phone, obviously. 

Which brings me to today, I was adding new music when I stumbled upon this band The Wind and The Wave (cool band name btw) and they do a bunch of cover songs and guess which song they covered?!?!?! 


Hope you like it too! And checkout more of their songs too. 


Ps Happy November 


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