Too Much Free Time

This floodcation has given me time to think WAY TOO MUCH! 

But what I’ve realized is I’m ready to go back, because………and this is hard to say…….I like school. I like the routine I have, the safety net, the love that surrounds me there. The future is approaching fast and I’m really going to miss my people. The ones that took forever to find. 

On the flip side I think I’m also realizing it’s time for me to go. To have new adventures and be a big fish in a big pond….yes I consider myself a big fish in a small pond here, ooooo no scratch that, a big turtle in a small pond 😉 

I’m still angry though. Angry that it took so long to feel this way.


I need to escape my head 

Can you take a vacation from your mind? 

Is that possible? 

Without being dead? 

You probably think I need someone to examine my head HAHAHA 

I’m not crazy

I promise 

Just weird. 🙂 

Anyone have words of wisdom? 

Sage advice? 


Oh well 



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