Land of Opportunity 

Whenever I hear this song I basically put on my own music video hahaha which is awesome….obviously! 

It reminds me of going through the motions of life. Of having tried and failed and trying again. Falling down and getting back up. 

I think it fits my day perfectly too. Song I went on a sorta kinda maybe date? 


I went to the movies with a dude

And it was………for lack of a better word, interesting. 

Definitely a non-romantic situation, I mean at the end of it I got drenched in rain  


Not cool. 

I was super cold…….tengo mucho frio. 

But I YOLOed and now know it’s probably for the best if it’s a friend situation, instead of romantic shituation. 

So in conclusion today has been eventful 😉 

Hope everyone else’s day was good! 



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