I’ve recently been given a new nickname, borrachita which is Spanish for “little drunk girl” Roberts gave me the name after seeing my profile picture…..

 And immediately I search for a new pic, only to find the first few pictures that show up are of me and some form of alcoholic beverage…..HAHAHAHA it did not help my case but it was hilarious. Ashlee then proceeded to tell him stories from my 21st birthday, which I popped her for later, it gave him even more reason to laugh. 

To top it ALL off today I was tagged in Jess’ post  


I told them both I should just go ahead and put borrachita on my graduation cap. 

I don’t think I’ll be living this down anytime soon…….

Ashlee is currently jealous and wanting a nickname of her own. Me being the genius that I am 😉 I said she can be Chiquitita, an ABBA song and one of my favorite scenes from Mamma Mia, meaning “little one” a term of endearment.

She loved it! 

So now we’re BORRACHITA and CHIQUITITA! Fighting crime one day at a time!;)  



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