Everybody Talks about Carry on my Wayward Son 

Ok, since I neglected to post a song yesterday you get two songs for today!!!  


Continuing on with my favorite songs, in honor of my birthday, which is 10 days away! 

First song, which would’ve been yesterday’s song is Everybody Talks by Neon Trees! 

I LOVE this song! It’s a song that you HAVE to jam out to. 

Awesome right? 

I knew you’d love it! 


Song número dos (#2) 

Aka today’s song of the day is Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas! 


And no, not just because it reminds me of SPN (Supernatural) though that is an added bonus. 

I hardcore ROCK OUT to this song, I’m talkin’ air guitar, head banging, air drums, and major lip singing…….or actual singing haha. 

It is honestly one of the most badass songs ever! 


Enough of me rambling…..carry on your way 😉 hahaha 



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