Ever listened to music and heard a song that makes you think of a memory? Well, I’m currently reading Paper Towns by John Green and a song comes on my iPod that immediately makes me laugh.

Awesome by XV, the memory I have connected to the song is me asking Roberts one of my many music questions 😉 and he told me about XV and that he liked the song Awesome and I’m sitting there like okayyyyyy and he then starts singing a part of the song (which was hilarious) so obviously he had to look up the song to let me hear it and I remember it just being so funny and yet so…..for lack of a better word, awesome! http://youtu.be/_smL3ol_ya4

Well that’s my song for the day.

And you even got a story to go along with it!

PR if you’re reading this I hope you’re doing “awesome” haha

Goodnight people



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