Is Anybody Out There? 

Every feel like you’re stuck and need a change? Something…..anything? That’s how I’ve been feeling today. Like I stepped in quicksand and it’s slowly pulling me under. I need a change, a physical change (hair, piercing, tattoo) an environmental change (vacation, trip, volunteer) just something! Or someone to whisk me away, giving me a break from reality. 

I want…….no NEED this summer to be AMAZING! It’s last one before I’m out in the real world, after the safety net of college. All my high school friends seem to be doing well moving on with their lives. They’re getting married and having babies, and everyone’s all like, “good things come to those who wait.” Blah blah blah……what if I’m tired of waiting? And want to make things happen? But I just don’t know where to start?? 

Words of encouragement would be great right about now. 

Anything at all?



Oh, well…..until next time. 


Xoxo 🙂 


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