In honor of Mother’s Day and my mom’s bday, which is the day after I thought I’d dedicate a post to her! 

First off, my mom is my absolute best friend/hero/inspiration/role mode and is awesome sauce. She’s made me who I am, taught me to always be myself and never sacrifice myself for someone else’s benefit. I’ve learned from her to always ask questions, never rely on someone, my be own person, speak my mind and be proud of who I am. 

She’s had to deal with hard situations in her life but those situations made her who she is and allowed her to pass on her knowledge from those experiences to me, my brother, and sister. Our home was/is always filled with openness/laughter/and love and I hope to be a mom like her someday. 

I love you mom and I could never express just how grateful/lucky I am to call you mom! You’re the best mom in the universe! 

Love you to the moon and back! 😘 




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