You can all thank PR’ for today’s song of the day. :p

While trying to calm my nerves I’m listening to music and the first song on my iPod to play is Get Off Your Ass and Jam by Funkadelic a song that has gotten my in trouble with my Memom (grandma) cause it says, “Shit! God damn! Get off your ass and jam!” Hahaha she didn’t like the god damn part very much.

But it’s a good song!

Warning: may get stuck in your head once listening to it.

And it did calm me down, since almost every time I hear it I bust some of my moves and laugh hysterically. Hahaha hopefully though it won’t be playing in my head while I perform my monologue……or else I might start singing, though that could be interesting. 😉

Well, that’s it for now. Peace out ✌🏻️



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