Sleeping At Last 


How’s everyone doing? Hope you’re all doing well! 

It’s that time again, the Song of the Day!!!! 

Today’s song is a throwback a song called Safety Dance by Men Without Hats……just a little side note, I just finished the TV series Private Practice on Netflix (Shonda Rhimes is my spirit animal) and something that I loved about the show is how they find these songs, mostly 80s &90s songs and they find bands that do their own version of the song. It’s like in school when you’re in English class and your teacher makes you read a book and write a paper on it, your paper is your own interpretation of the book you just read. Well, that’s what these bands are doing, the singing their own interpretation of the song……so on the show the AMAZINGLY TALENTED band Sleeping At Last (LOVE THEM) covered Men Without Hats’ Safety Dance! It changes from this upbeat dance song, into this beautiful romantic love song. 

Hope you enjoy both versions!



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