Inspired to be Inspiring Part 2 

my Theatre professor is awesome. He’s helped me get out of my shell and like PR he’s helped me test my limits. I’ve gone off the deep end and loved every minute. Being able to express parts of myself I didn’t even know existed.

I envy the things he’s experienced, being able to act, performing, living in New York (jealous) I think that’s what helps make him such a great teacher, he’s done the things he’s teaching us. Plus he remembered/like my brother’ performance……which yes, does make me a little biased, who cares 😉

I’m excited/anxious/scared/pumped/nervous for my performance tomorrow! But I know no matter what, whether I do amazingly and blow everyone away or whether I fall flat on my face, he’ll be proud of me…..more importantly I’ll be proud of myself!

Theatre man thank you! Thank you for all you’ve done these past couple years. I loved every minute of it!



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