Inspired to be Inspiring Part 1

The school year is coming to an end and I thought the people who helped me succeed deserved some recognition so the first person to get a blog shout out is……….(insert drum roll) the one, the only, the hot mess himself, PR! wooooohooooo hahahahahahaha.

Ok, let’s get serious.



Where do I begin? I mean the guy deserves so much more than a “shout out” and this is probably gonna sound cheesy/lame/corny but he kinda, sorta, in a way changed my life………weird I know, but he really and truly was the first person (not including family) to help me see my potential and know that anything is possible as long as I set my mind to it. He deserves one of those lame teacher mugs that say something like, “World’s greatest professor” or a cake….something. I don’t know.

So let me tell you people a few things about this amazeballs professor (PR if you’re reading this you should be afraid. Be very afraid….haha). Obviously he’s a good teacher, but he’s also an amusing teacher. I don’t think the guy owns a watch, because he is always…..repeat always late! hehe. He says um (a lot), he’s like the energized bunny….because he paces back and forth and back and forth across the classroom………it’s exhausting 😉 he also does this thing when he’s lost his train of thought or can’t think of a word, he strums on the desk and goes “bum bum  bum bummm” haha it’s funny. His teaching style is “informal but rigorous” and future students should know his class is not easy, but rewarding if you work hard, I know this from experience…just saying. His “words of wisdom” are “Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of simple minds.”

Think about that.

Do it.

Did you think about it?

Good. Now figure out what it means hahahaha. Definitely words of wisdom though. Now on to the hard questions that I asked, not really that hard, .

Q1: Who/What inspired you this school year?

R: Not inspired easily (lame….jk) Students who try hard and succeed after they’ve struggled is always encouraging, it means not all is lost in the world.

Q2: What was your goal at the beginning of the year?

R: Trying to get genetic samples of sea turtles back from Mexico for a paper. Fail, I blame the man!

Q3: Did you accomplish anything?

R: Yes, 5 or 6 talk meetings, published 2 papers, made connections to help answer questions in Marine Science. Connections are important and not easy.

Q4: If you could change anything about this year would you? If so, what?

R: Yes, if I could have superpowers and change anything in the world it would be so that mom didn’t have cancer………awwwwwwwww

Q5: Did you learn anything?

R: I’m always learning something. If you’re not learning things in science then you’re not good at science

Q6: What’s your plan for next year?

R: To take the time to write up papers that haven’t been published.

Q7: What’s the goal you have for next year?

R: To make the plan happen!

Q8: What do you look forward to?

R: To getting the Bio Club up and running!

Well, there you have it! That’s numero uno in the list of people who’ve inspired me this year. I know I’ve probably annoyed you and ask A LOT of questions,that seem never ending, sorry……ok, I’m gonna get sappy here, I appreciate EVERYTHING you’ve done for me this year, it wouldn’t have been the same without you. And you’ve made a tremendous impact in my life. Who else am I gonna talk about turtles to????? haha You’re not just a professor you’re a mentor, friend, and sometimes therapist, and I hope you stick around for awhile 🙂

Someone once told me, “A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Thank You!



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