This year I feel like I’ve embraced who I am more than I’ve ever done before! I’ve taken chances and risks and yeah I may have fallen but when I did I just got back up and tried again. If you never risk or try then you’ll never really know you’re true potential. Growing up and going to school I struggled a lot and had my own limitations of what I could and couldn’t do and on top of that had to deal with teachers and people who weren’t so understanding/encouraging, which only made things worse. Having those limitations puts doubts in your mind, making you second guess yourself. But this year I pushed those boundaries and had confidence in myself as well as having an amazingly supportive support team who had faith in me and believed I could do anything I set my mind to. 

This semester’s almost over and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! I know the path in front of me and which direction I want to take. My support system has been the best and I love them with all my heart! Anything is possible if you just believe! 

Ps, I’ll soon be blogging about my special people! 



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