Decision Made

So I’ve had a lot on my mind the last couple of days…….people have been asking me, “so what is it your going to school for?” My response, “uhhhhhhh” I made the decision not too long ago to get my BA in Film/Media, which would mean i would have to take more core classes and then the required specific classes, resulting in me graduating in probably four years. FOUR FREAKING YEARS!

I’ve spent my whole life aspiring to be amazing and helping to change the world in some way, shape, or form. Not to spend my whole life stuck in a classroom, in a small town, watching my life pass me by.

So i thought about it, I mean I really truly thought about it. Why get my BA in a degree I’m not even sure I want just to end up graduating in my late 20s, trying to land an internship or starter job, having to compete with people my age now?? It doesn’t make sense! Why do jobs want people with these fancy specific degrees instead of people with basic high school diplomas or basic college degrees?

For example if you were a principal at some school would you want to hire someone with a degree and absolutely no experience with kids over someone with no degree but has been around kids their whole life and actually knows what they’re doing??

I don’t want to spend the rest of my life having a profession as “college student” I want to go ahead and just get my Associates Degree and get a job and job experience and move the fuck on with my life, don;t misinterpret what I’m saying though, there’s always opportunity to go back and get the BA or Masters, hell even to get the DR, but after I’ve actually done some living.

Another thing, me just getting my AA does not make me any less smart, driven, determined, better, wiser…..etc than ANYONE else and NO ONE should make me feel inadequate about my decision. Instead they should take a page from my book and stop to think if they’re doing what’s best for them. Because this is what’s best for me. I’m getting this AA and it’s going to be THE BEST stepping stone in my life! Something I’ve worked my ass off for and I’ve without a doubt earned it.




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