The dictionary defines fear as a distressing emotion aroused byimpending danger, evil, pain,etc., whether the threat is real orimagined; the feeling orcondition of being afraid.

Fear can both drive us or hold us back. But how can we determine which is which? I’m not really a risk taking person, I mean I have my impulsive moments but I don’t think it comes from bravery as much as it does from being impatient. I’m honestly kind of a scaredy cat. I have a fear of heights, hate roller coasters and always will. Birds and goats scare me because their unpredictable animals……….and has anyone else seen The Birds, the Alfred Hitchcock movie??? Yikes! 

Fear can also motivate us. If you’re afraid to lose someone you fight harder for them. It can bring out our true selves. You know what you want when fear is involved. 

Just something I’m thinking about today. Hope everyone is alive and well. Xoxo ✌🏻️💜😘


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