Fight For Your Right!

So today my boss completely tore me down and made me feel inadequate, which no human being, with a heart, should EVER do to another person.
I am a respectful, kind, loving, smart, caring person! I don’t believe in media rants, which is not what this is, but I believe everyone should standup for themselves and NEVER let anyone make you feel like anything less than what you are, which is BEAUTIFUL!
At this point I don’t care what happens to me at the job, I deserve respect. So if anyone’s ever made you feel small don’t let them, show them just how wonderful and amazing you are.

Beautiful by Katherine McPhee
Raise Your Glass by Pink
Who Says by Selena Gomez
Brave by Sara Bareilles
Hey Jude by The Beatles
Be Okay by Oh Honey
Take Me or Leave Me by Rent
The Best is Yet to Come by Frank Sinatra
Never Gonna Be by Bethany Joy Galeotti
Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars



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