Should I Stay or Should I Go?

So, I don’t know if I want to stay at my new job, which is bad since I’ve only been there a month. I feel like I used to be the tall, bright, cheerful, strong sunflower and I’m not a hunched over, dull sunflower whose petals are slowly falling off 1 by 1.
I mean I took this job thinking I was going to play with kids, help make a difference……when in reality I’m losing my control, authority, sanity, and mind! It’s sad to say the only good moments I have only last about 5 maybe 10 minutes, other than that it’s chaos!
So what do I do? I want to quit, even though I’m having an internal conflict over it.
On the other hand I want to focus more on classes since this is hopefully my last semester. It’d be nice not to come home too exhausted for anything besides food and sleep.
Not even music can help me, it just makes me more bummed out. So again what do I do?
If anyone has the answer let me know.


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