Question Of The Day

Why do you like music? I’m curious to know people’s responses. Here’s what a few of my friends have said

“Well…that’s like asking why people like…talking or food haha it’s a basic part of being human. It’s a huge part of what we are, and how we exist. If you can write something other people connect with, then on some level, some little piece of you becomes important to someone else, and vice versa. Some part of us is the same!”

“Because I feel like it says things I can’t say or it feels how I am feeling. I love it because I grew up around it. It’s part of who I am.”

“It helps me to escape reality or it helps me realize reality.”

“Two reasons, one, because of the fun tunes you can dance to. Two, because it can tell a story better than you can, it gives you a sense of comfort.”

Here’s my answer, music gives life to words. It’s a therapist, best friend, soul mate and a parent. It speaks to your soul, letting you know your not alone. It expresses the words we’re too afraid to say out loud. Music allows you to laugh, cry, and/or dance with judging you, holding your hand while you face your fears. One song can change your mood. Music is a poem, movie, book, and tv show all rolled into one, allowing you to be the star.
Let me know your thoughts!


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