Lotus Poem

Born in mud, dark, wet, and cold

Never having the feeling of being very bold.

Yet you start growing, moving up and out

No longer seeming like a small tiny sprout.

Away you go, almost reaching air

Blooming wild and crazy all about, going everywhere.

You’ve now hit light

Such a calm and peaceful sight.

Never again stuck in mud that is dull

But forever to be strong and BEAUTIFUL!  10305181_10204262344741233_7690595750431519489_n 10406529_10204262344221220_5899299136185733658_n 224033_10200906069196442_823831036_n

On my birthday I finally got a tattoo! I’d always wanted one but I wanted to make sure it had meaning behind it. While searching for one to get I came across a lotus flower with the meaning of the flower, which is posted above, I thought the meaning was beautiful and it fit perfectly with me and my syndrome. Being born different you go through hard times and struggle, but in the end you come out stronger and are a better person because of it!

The lotus is now like my personal mascot 🙂 and one day while telling my friend that I write poems she told me I should write a lotus poem. I was surprised the thought had never occurred to me before! Immediately I began brainstorming and finally found the right words! Hope you like! xoxo


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